Isolmant Strong

Isolmant Strong

Isolmant Strong

Isolmant Strong

High density Isolmant polyethylene underlay (approx. 70 kg/m3), designed for special applications where a high compressive strength of the resilient layer is required.


Isolmant Strong is suitable for sound insulation and vibration control in special applications. In non-residential structures where live loads exceed 5 kN/m2, it can be used also overlapping some layers on each other.

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• Excellent acoustic impact sound and airborne insulation
• Suitable for use in both renovation and new construction
• For special building needs where increased compressive strength is required
• Unalterable over time
• Unlimited durability
• Contact with water does not compromise performance or characteristics
• Resistant to mould or insects
• Easy installation;

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).
• Manufactured with low environmental impact.
• It contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or ITACA standards.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.


• It complies with the requirements defined by the CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the request for high acoustic insulation performance, the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item Specifications

Resilient layer is made of second-generation reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene. This product ensures an even performance and high compressive strength over the time (live loads exceeding 5 kN/m2(Isolmant Strong type). Nominal Thickness 6 mm, density 70 kg/ m3. 10% compressive deformation with 85 kPa. 3% residual deflection after 24 h (after 22 h loading at 25% deflection).

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