We are part of the good building industry

Isolmant's services rely on a key assumption: the importance of being close to the construction industry.



Tecnasfalti-Isolmant combines the rapid introduction of new products to meet market needs with the expertise and product quality guaranteed by its Research & Development activities.


Daily research that not only pays attention to new technologies but even anticipates them, thanks to constant collaboration with leading Italian universities and Italian and European research institutes. The flexibility of its production dynamics and the efficiency of its technical and production departments allow it to design cutting-edge products and solutions in line with market demands.


Thanks to the presence of an in-house laboratory, Isolmant is able to guarantee the performance of products and solutions not only through certifications carried out in external laboratories, but also through continuous tests carried out with proprietary instruments and in conditions that replicate the requirements of current regulations. This is not only a further way of guaranteeing the performance of the products, but also allows a variety of tests to be carried out on specific and different structures, replicating in the laboratory the stratigraphies that are most in demand on the market.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The heart of the company's headquarters is the production area, where most of the products are manufactured.


Experience and knowledge of materials and their characteristics, technical expertise and knowledge of market requirements enable Tecnasfalti-Isolmant to develop products and solutions with the most suitable characteristics for achieving the parameters required for acoustic certification in Italy and abroad. State-of-the-art machinery, qualified staff and attention to sustainability make Isolmant a modern and efficient industrial company.


Next to the production is the logistics centre, from which the products are delivered to Italy, Europe and the world.

Technical Department

Tecnasfalti-Isolmant's technical office is made up of Qualified Acoustic Technicians and engineers with a commercial profile who are able to support the work of designers, distributors and companies on a daily basis through specific and personalised advice, to help each customer make the most suitable choice for their needs.

Support for the operators is global and modular, starting from the design phase through to support for installation and assistance in evaluating the final performance of the work.


Whether on the phone or by e-mail, our engineers in the Technical Department provide a rapid and competent answer to any technical request, combining absolute competence on Isolmant products with a total mastery of the regulations and the most technical notions relating to acoustic and thermal insulation. A complete package of services to support efficient construction standards.

Customer care

Isolmant Customer Care answers every day during office hours both by phone and email to provide real-time assistance with orders, requests for quotes or after-sales support.


In addition to the service offered by the on-site operators, Tecnasfalti-Isolmant has a network of technical and commercial officials spread throughout the country. Visit our website to see the list of Isolmant representatives in your area and contact them directly to make an appointment and receive tailored support in the shop or on site.

Marketing and Communication

Tecnasfalti-Isolmant Marketing Department is at the service of the market to contribute to the cultural growth of the sector. Thanks to a mix of in-house expertise, the company's communication uses  traditional and modern digital channels, so that information about the company's solutions is available to all targets at all times.


Isolmant marketing resources are designed in a clear and complete way to allow distributors and companies to have the whole world of Isolmant at their fingertips, with specific, complete technical data sheets and installation methods explained in a simple way and at all stages. For all updates, in-person and on-line workshops are organised for the professional target group, while on the company's social channels, designers, distributors and private individuals always find timely information on the latest trends in acoustic comfort.


In addition to our company website, the company has developed and continues to develop related websites that explore issues related to acoustic solutions, such as and interesting and always up-to-date containers that develop individual topics for the greater involvement and information of all operators in the sector.