Airborne noise

Airborne noise

Airborne noise

When we talk about sound insulation of vertical walls, it is essential to point out that there is no such thing as an insulating material, but there is a soundproofing structure. The most effective product is the product that allows a finished structure to function acoustically.


When designing the wall system, it is essential to combine the presence of the mass with the need to elastically dampen some annoying noise frequencies passing through the mass itself. To do this, it is essential to insert a suitable insulating material in the cavity of the wall with both sound insulating and soundproofing features.


Isolmant solutions can be used in a variety of applications, both in new construction and renovation projects, meeting the needs of designers, installers and end users.

Cavity wall insulation

Specific solutions for the air gap wall acoustic insulation make use of Isolmant's Fibtec technology.

Lining walls insulation

The "Isolmant4You" dry system is a set of effective, fast and modular solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation of walls.

Wall and false wall plasterboard insulation

Specific solutions for acoustically effective drywall and ceiling structures.

Airborne noise accessories

Each acoustic system requires the use of appropriate accessories to ensure the target that has been defined  at the design stage.


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