Lining walls insulation

Lining walls insulation

Lining walls insulation

When it is necessary to insulate one or more rooms from the inside, whether residential or commercial, it is essential to choose materials that guarantee the best performance and offer a series of advantages to both the applicator and the end user.

Isolmant's great experience in acoustic restoration has led to the creation of the Isolmant4you range, the result of the most advanced technological research to guarantee the best performance on site.

Three products (IsolGypsum Special, IsolGypsum Perfetto and IsolGypsum Telogomma) combined with different types of panels give rise to different combinations that allow easy, fast and long-lasting renovation work. The versatility of the range makes it possible to find the right solution in case of low thickness, laminated boards or complex structures as e.g. lining with metal structures. 


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