Impact sound

Impact sound

Impact noise insulation

Impact and airborne noise are the noise caused by shocks, impacts and mechanical stresses within a building. Most impact noise is structurally transmitted and affects horizontal structures, i.e. floors, and is caused by footsteps, falling and dragging objects.


Isolmant provides a complete flooring system. Our systems comprise resilient material that is an element that can be positioned in different points of the horizontal structure, according to construction and customer needs. Accessories and proper installation are essential for a proper acoustic system. 

Under screed insulation

Specific solutions with resilient materials that can be installed underneath the screed. 

Under flooring insulation

Specific solutions with resilient materials are installed underneath the flooring.

Staircase insulation

Smart and easy-to-install solution for acoustic insulation of stairs and stairwells.

Impact noise accessories

All accessories for the correct installation of the acoustic system.


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