IsolDrum ST Blu

IsolDrum ST Blu

IsolDrum ST Blu

IsolDrum ST Blu

Isolmant ST Blu is designed specifically for floating installation
of laminate and wooden flooring. A high quality system to reduce
impact and reflected noise. This product is also suitable for
installations with underfloor heating systems.

Check Rt (flooring + underlay) ≤ 0.15 m2K/W.

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• Excellent sound insulation against impact noise and reverberation noise (RWS).
• Low thermal conductivity
• Easy and dust-free cutting using a utility knife or box cutter.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).
• Free of plasticisers, asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens and heavy metals
• It is solvent-free and contains no other ozone-depleting substances.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.


Item specifications

Resilient layer made of high density expanded NPE polyethylene (type Isolmant IsolDrum ST Blu). Density 50 kg/m3. Nominal thickness 2 mm.

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