IsolDrum LVT Plus

IsolDrum LVT Plus

IsolDrum LVT Plus

IsolDrum LVT Plus

HD wooden fibre and starch insulating underlay equipped with an anti-slip coating film for the installation of LVT and SPC flooring.
To be installed with the anti-slip green side facing upwards.


Spessore 1,8 mm.


Isoldrum LVT Plus is conceived to install LVT and laminate flooring on uneven screeds or existing flooring. This product ensures a high
impact sound reduction. The very high compressive strength preserves the click mechanism of the flooring. The unique anti-slip technology avoids LVT or SPC flooring movement. It is made of natural components and its manufacturing process is characterised by low environmental impact. This makes Isoldrum LVT Plus a 100% eco-friendly products.

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• This product ensures a significant increase in acoustic insulation against impact noise and RWS.
• It allows the installation of LVT and SPC on the flooring even without skim coating.
• It can be used in all environments, in both residential and tertiary context.
• Low thickness, it does not require modifications to existing levels.
• Low thermal resistance (compatible with underfloor heating systems, even when laid under the floor).

• Installing IsolDrum LVT Plus is really easy and quick. It requires no special tools, but only cutter and adhesive tape. Floating installation avoids the use of adhesives, making it quicker and healthier.
• Covers the joints of existing ceramic flooring without the need for skimming.
• Protects click flooring even when laid on existing floorings.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).
• Manufactured with low environmental impact.
• It contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or ITACA standards.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.
• It complies with the requirements defined by the CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the request for high acoustic insulation performance, the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item Specifications

The refurbishment resilient layer is made of waterproof HD wooden fibre with anti-slip side (Isoldrum LVT Plus type).

To be installed with the anti-slip side facing upwards. Nominal thickness 1.8 mm.

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