Isolmant Tubo HP

Isolmant Tubo HP

Isolmant Tubo HP

Isolmant Tubo HP

Patented acoustic silencer in porous expanded polypropylene (P-EPP) with high sound absorption performance and low thermal


The sound absorbing properties of P-EPP ensure high performance without the use of fibrous and/or spongy materials that
degrade over time and could compromise air quality. Its cylindrical shape with decreasing diameters characterized by small dimensions
(bigger diameter 16 cm, length 35 cm) allows a simple and quick installation and a 100 cm2air flow section Grilles not included.

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• it can be used in case of renovation and new construction - Light to handle.
• The decreasing diameter facilitates the housing of Isolmant Tubo HP in the seat created in the wall
• High soundproofing power
• Low thermal conductivity
• Unalterable over time
• Unlimited duration

Item Specifications

Acoustic silencer for ventilation air intakes on perimeter walls made of porous polypropylene foam (P-EPP) (Isolmant Tubo HP type). Cylindrical in shape with decreasing diameters, having a diameter of more than 16 cm and a length of 35 cm, it guarantees an airflow passage section of 100 cm2. Dn,e,w = 43 dB.

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