Isolmant Telogomma TT

Isolmant Telogomma TT

Isolmant Telogomma TT

Isolmant Telogomma TT

Product made of Isolmant Telogomma (surface density 5 kg/m2) coated with anti-stick fibre on the upper side and joined to 3 mm
Isolmant on the lower side. Total thickness 5.5 mm


Isolmant Telogomma TT is particularly suitable for acoustic insulation and vibration damping of cast or dry screeds with severe
problems. Its characteristics also make it particularly suitable as a desolidariser between two plasterboards in lightweight plasterboard
or wooden walls. It is specific to insulate bathroom floors or shower trays.

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• Heavy layer product
• Unalterable in time
• Unlimited duration

Item Specifications

Heavy layer elasto-dynamic covering based on special compound EPDM rubber with mineral fillers bitumen and halogen free, nominal thickness 2.5 mm, surface density equal to 5 kg/m2 on the upper side coated with anti-stick fibre and on the lower side 3 mm physically reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene ( Isolmant Telogomma TT type). Total nominal thickness 5.5 mm.

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