Isolmant Telogomma E+45

Isolmant Telogomma E+45

Isolmant Telogomma E+45

Isolmant Telogomma E+45

Product composed by Isolmant Telogomma (surface density approx. 4 kg/m2) joined on both sides to 3 mm Isolmant polyethylene. Total
thickness 8 mm.


Isolmant Telogomma E+45 is particularly suitable for the acoustic insulation of wooden flooring or floorings with low specific weight.
Thanks to its intrinsic structure, this product combines excellent impact sound insulation provided by the Isolmant polyethylene layer
with good insulation against airborne noise thanks to its considerable mass, given by the Isolmant Telogomma central layer. It is malleable and this feature makes this product easy to install even on nonplanar surfaces: Isolmant Telogomma E+45 can therefore also be used for wrapping exhaust pipes or ventilation ducts. 

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• High soundproofing and impact insulation capacity
• Easy to lay thanks to its conformability
• Inalterable over time
• Unlimited durability

Item Specifications

Heavy layer elasto-dynamic covering based on special compound EPDM rubber with mineral fillers bitumen and halogen free, nominal
thickness 2 mm, surface density 4 kg/m2 joined on both sides to 3mmphysically reticulated expanded closed-cell Isolmant polyethylene
(Isolmant Telogomma E+45 type). Nominal thickness 8 mm.

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