Isolmant UnderSpecial Serie R Fossil Free

Isolmant UnderSpecial Serie R Fossil Free

Isolmant UnderSpecial Serie R Fossil Free

Isolmant UnderSpecial Serie R Fossil Free

High-end resilient layer made of polyethylene Isolmant Special Series R Fossil Free (completely sustainable and from renewable sources, in green colour, embossed and screen-printed on the top side, characterised by an improved and calibrated quality of the cellulation of polyethylene) joined on the underside to FIBTEC XF3 (special second-generation needle- punched fibre, produced to calibrated specifications for better noise reduction). It allows to obtain excel lent insulation against impact and airborne noise for
horizontal partitions.
Nominal thickness 10 mm.


Isolmant UnderSpecial Series R Fossil Free is specific for "floating screeds" in accordance with UNI 11516:2013, with any type of slab.
Particularly suitable for being laid under a finishing screed (two-layer solution), it requires the creation of a finishing screed at least 5 cm thick.

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• Polietilene certificato ISCC Plus e realizzato con materie prime bio-circular; 
• Excellent acoustic insulation against impact and airborne noise;
• Suitable in both renovation and new construction;
• Low thermal conductivity;
• Inalterable over time;
• Unlimited durability;
• Contact with water does not compromise performance and characteristics;
• Resistant to mould or insects;
• Easy to lay product;
• Product with overlaps;
• Easy to trim: can be easily cut with a utility knife or box cutter.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Composed of ISCC PLUS certified polyethylene made from bio-circular renewable material (determination of origin using the mass balance approach).
• The renewable source does not compete with the food chain, is derived from biomass, is certified and meets the definition of waste or residue according to ISCC PLUSS.
• Contains no volatile organic compounds - VOC A+.
• Contributes to achieving credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or BREEM protocols.
• Comply with the requirements defined by the Italian Building Industry CAM for materials for acoustic and thermal insulation regarding the required high acoustic insulation performance, the percentage of recyclate and the absence of hazardous substances.
• Can be disposed according to EWC No. 170604 insulation materials NON-HAZARDOUS plastics.
• Low environmental impact.

Item Specifications

Resilient layer for the acoustic insulation of floors made of completely sustainable, closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam from renewable sources, green colour, ISCC PLUS certified, embossed and silkscreen printed on the upper side, coupled on the underside with special second generation needle punched fiber to improve acoustic performance (type Isolmant UnderSpecial Series R Fossil Free). Nominal thickness 10 mm. Dynamic stiffness s't = 8 MN/m3, s'= 20 MN/m3 (certified values). Sound reduction 36 dB. VOC A+ (certified parameter). Product with overlaps. (certified values). Sound reduction 36 dB. VOC A+ (certified parameter). Product with overlaps. To be installed with the green screen-printed side upwards and the fibre side downwards. Fossil free.

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