Isolmant Special Plus

Isolmant Special Plus

Isolmant Special Plus

Isolmant Special Plus

High performance resilient layer made of 5 mm second-generation polyethylene Isolmant Special that is featured by a better and calibrated quality of the polyethylene cellulation and it is joined to FIBTEC XT1 (screen printed anti-tearing FIBRE-REINFORCED fibre). Thanks to its intrinsic quality and physical properties, this product ensures long-termperformance. It provides excellent impact sound and airborne insulation for horizontal partitions without damaging the product.

Isolmant Special Plus is specific for floating screeds as provided by UNI 11516:2013 standards with any type of slab. As well as being suitable for use in two-layer solutions, the fibre-reinforced top layer can also be used as FIBRE-REINFORCED top layer can also be used as a top layer which guarantees the product’s high resistance to foot traffic and tearing, makes it particularly suitable for creating floating screeds in single-layer solutions.

It needs a finishing screed at least 4 cm thick. In case of disjointing a floating screed from perimeter walls, it is recommended not to turn Isolmant Special Plus upside down but to use Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale. To install Isolmant Special Plus with the screen-printed side facing upwards.

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• Excellent acoustic impact sound and airborne insulation.
• Suitable for use in both renovation and new construction.
• High resistance to foot traffic and tearing
• Better load distribution.
• Low thermal conductivity
• Inalterable in time.
• Unlimited durability.
• Contact with water does not affect performance or characteristics.
• Impervious to mould or insects.
• Easy to install products.
• Easy to trim: can be easily cut with a utility knife or box cutter.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).
• Manufactured with low environmental impact.
• Contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or ITACA standards.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.


Item Specifications

Resilient layer is made of second-generation reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene, joined on the upper side with a anti-tearing FIBREREINFORCED
fabri. This product ensures an even performance and high compressive strength over the time (Isolmant Special Plus type). To be
installed with the embossed and screen-printed side facing upwards. Density 30 kg/m3. Nominal thickness 5 mm. Dynamic stiffness 60 MN/m3.

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