Isolmant IsolTile BV

Isolmant IsolTile BV

Isolmant IsolTile BV

Isolmant IsolTile BV

Resilient elastodynamic acoustic layer with low thickness, desolidarising and reinforcing, designed for application under screeds and flooring (tiles, stone, wooden flooring), when the product is required to act as a vapour barrier.


Thickness 2mm.




IsolTile is a unique, versatile and high-tech product, specific for different types of applications:



Application under low thickness screeds ≤ 3 cm (with or without underfloor heating).



Under flooring application (tiles, stone, wooden flooring) on screed (with or without hot water/cold water underfloor heating).

Under flooring application (tiles, stone, wooden flooring) directly on low thickness/low inertia heating system.


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• This product ensures a significant increase in acoustic insulation against impact noise, in case of renovation and new construction.

• Vapour barrier.

• It can be used in all environments, in both residential and tertiary context.

• Low thickness, does not require modifications to existing levels.

• Low thermal resistance (compatible with underfloor heating systems, even when laid under the floor).

• Allows glue installation of finishes directly on radiant floors with low thickness/low inertia.

• Easy to install.

• Product supplied with accessories for correct installation.

• This product does not require any special glues to install.

• It allows the expansion joint to be left off the fractionation joint.

• This products avoid large tiles cracking.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).

• Eco-friendly and recyclable.

• Contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or ITACA standards.

• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.


• Complies with the requirements defined by the Italian CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the request for high acoustic insulation performance, the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item Specifications

Resilient elastodynamic acoustic layer with low thickness, desolidarising and reinforcing, designed for underflooring and underscreed applications on tile, stone, wooden flooring. Product made of Isolmant HD expanded polypropylene material which is coated on the upper side with special Fibtec XP1 fabric (black screen-printed and calendered polypropylene fabric for technical application) and on the lower side with Fibtec XF2 (black screen-printed and calendered polypropylene fabric) with an integrated protection against vapour application (Isolmant BV type). Nominal thickness 2 mm, density 77 kg/m3 , thermal conductivity 0.037 W/mK, equivalent air thickness Sd > 40. To be installed with the screen-printed side facing upwards.

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Product kit

Isolmant IsolTile is a kit product and contains the accessories necessary for installation.




Band for splices: h 7.5 cm x L 20 m *
Perimeter band: h 3 cm x L 20 m **


* In the IsolTile BV version the strip for joints is equipped with an integrated vapor barrier, to guarantee the continuity function in the vapor barrier.
** The Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale included in the package is specific for the installation of IsolTile as an underfloor. When applying under screed, Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Doppio Spessore or Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Reticolata must be used.

Product kit
Accessories included in the package

The three version of Isoltile

IsolTile is available in three versions:


IsolTile Classic
You recognize it immediately because it is screen printed on both sides. It is the historical version of IsolTile and also the most versatile and universal. It can be used both in applications under low thickness screeds (with or without radiant panel), and in underfloor applications with traditional glued laying.


IsolTile BV

It is the specific version for all applications where there is a demand for a vapor barrier, both under screed and under the floor. The underside does not have a silk-screened lap but is covered with fibtec XP2 (technical geotextile in polypropylene, black, calendered with integrated vapor barrier).


IsolTile AD

It is the specific version for underfloor applications with "overlapping". The positioning adhesive layer on the lower side allows the mat to be easily laid on the pre-existing flooring, which remains intact and can possibly be restored at a later time.

The three version of Isoltile
Prima di procedere alla posa del materassino, occorre gettare

Application examples

slide 1
IsolTile under low thickness screed
slide 2
IsolTile under low thickness screed with underfloor heating
slide 3
IsolTile under tile on a level built on existing flooring
slide 3b
IsolTile under low thickness screed - zero thickness heating panel in the milled screed
slide 4
IsolTile under wooden flooring laid on screed
slide 5
IsolTile under tile/ wood flooring laid on a zero thickness heating system (milled in the screed)


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