Isolmant Telaio Porte

Isolmant Telaio Porte

Isolmant Telaio Porte

Isolmant Telaio Porte

Special accessories in pre-shaped and adhesive polyethylene for application in correspondence of false frames.


Isolmant Tealio Porte is specific for floating screeds as provided by UNI 11516:2013 standards with any type of slab. This product easily ensures the continuity of the flanking strip on doors false frames.

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•Adhesive product for easy positioning 
• Suitable in combination with all the flanking strips of the Isolmant range.
• Preformed to size
• Smart and easy installation
• Unalterable over time
• Unlimited duration

Item Specifications

Preformed and adhesive polyethylene accessory with dimensions of approx. 11 cm for the internal opening and 10 cm for the height, designed to guarantee the continuity of the perimeter strip in correspondence with the false frames. Nominal thickness 5 mm.

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