Isolmant Fascia Nastro

Isolmant Fascia Nastro

Isolmant Fascia Nastro

Isolmant Fascia Nastro

7.5 cm adhesive tape that is made of physically reticulated expanded closed-cell Isolmant polyethylene.

Isolmant Fascia Nastro is specific for floating screeds as provided by UNI 11516:2013 standards with any type of slab. It is ideal for sealing the sheets of the Isolmant underlay range together (especially if they do not have adhesive overlaps), thus preventing the passage of moisture and the formation of acoustic bridges that would occur if the sheets were not properly sealed together. It is also convenient for use when ‘acoustic patching’ is required prior to install the underscreed.

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• Suitable for all Isolmant underscreed products.
• Low thickness.
• Inalterable in time.
• Unlimited duration.
• Contact with water does not affect performance or characteristics.
• Resistant to mould or insects.

Item specifications

Adhesive tape that is used to tape and seal Isolmant sheets, made of  physically reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene,density 30 kg/m3. H 7.5 cm. Nominal thickness 3 mm.

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