Isolmant Cover

Isolmant Cover

Isolmant Cover

Isolmant Cover

Protecting, anti-split cover made of High quality non-woven fabric for temporary flooring protection. It is specially designed to protect floorings from post installation work. Isolmant Cover is featured by a upper side made of a transparent, liquid resistant PE film and a white self-adhesive lower side.


Isolmant Cover is ideal for protecting your flooring during further steps after installing. It protects tile, wood or marble floorings and stairs or
carpets. It can protect any surface from mechanical damage resulting from dripping of liquids or falling objects. It is re-usable.

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• Non-slip.
• Impervious to water and oils.
• Reusable.

• Easy and dust-free cutting using a utility knife or box cutter.
• Anti-slip layer that facilitates overlapping and sealing of sheets.
• No need to tape overlaps.
• When used on a ladder, it does not slip even if not taped.
• To be laid with the transparent PE film facing upwards.

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• Free of hazardous substances such as asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens and heavy metals.
• Solvent-free. It does not contain other ozone-depleting substances.
• It can be disposed of according to EWC No. 170604.

Item Specifications

Multifunctional anti-slip protective cover made of high quality non-woven fabric 180gr/m2 coated with waterproof transparent PE film (type IsolDrum Cover).

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