Isolmant 200 BV

Isolmant 200 BV

Isolmant 200 BV

Isolmant 200 BV

HDPE film (high density polyethylene) to protect against rising damp. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


Isolmant 200 BV is a vapour barrier suitable in all cases where it is necessary to protect screeds and/or flooring from rising damp. It is
made of high-density polyethylene which is impermeable to water vapour. Isolmant 200 BV should be installed overlapping the sheets by 10 cm and taped using Isolmant Nastro Alluminato, to keep the vapor barrier in place.

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• Protects flooring and screeds from rising damp

Item Specification

High density polyethylene film with vapour barrier function (Isolmant 200 BV type). Nominal thickness 200 μm.

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