IsolGypsum Special Super Green

IsolGypsum Special Super Green

IsolGypsum Special Super Green

IsolGypsum Special Super Green

Specific solution for thermal and acoustic renovation of low thickness walls, consisting of a plasterboard panel coupled with of Isolmant Special Serie R Fossil Free. The plasterboard sheet is an innovative and environmentally friendly plasterboard sheet, in fact it has a recycled content of 35%, the higest in the market. The core of the slab, of higher density and with gypsum additives with glass, gives the product a high degree of hardness surface and mechanical resistance. Thanks to Activ’Air® technology, the sheet is able to absorb and neutralize up to 70% of the formaldehyde present in the indoor air. (High density plate, type D E F H1 I R, 12.3 kg/m2)


The polyethylene is Isolmant Special Serie R Fossil Free, completely sustainable and from renewable sources, characterized by a better and calibrated quality of polyethylene cellulation. The innovative ‘wall saver’ technology works by improving the acoustic efficiency of the wall and eliminating the problem of cold walls, reducing the risk of condensation and mould.

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•  Product with the highest enviromental standards.
• ISCC PLUS certified polyethylene.
• High acoustic and thermal insulation.
• Low thermal conductivity.
• High mechanical resistance.
• Unalterable over time.
• Unlimited durability.
• Reaction to fire.
• Non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• ISCC PLUS certified polyethylene made from bio-circular renewable material (using the mass balance approach).
• The renewable source is not in competition with the food-chain and is certified: it is derived from biomass waste (sugar cane), certified according to the ASTM standard D6866-16, satisfies the definition of waste or residue according to ISCC.
• New plasterboard sheet to ensure maximum performance in terms of environmental sustainability: 35% highest recycled content on the market, 100% recyclable, captures formaldehyde, does not emit substances harmful.
• Environment friendly.
• Recyclable.
• Environmentally friendly production.
• Volatile Organic Compounds free (VOC A+).
• Contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or ITACA standards.


• Complies with the requirements defined by the Italian CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item specifications

Insulating layer composed of Isolmant Special R series polyethylene, completely sustainable and coming from renewable sources coupled with an innovative plasterboard coated, with a recycled content of 35%, high density, type D E F H1 I R, 12.3 kg/m2, with Activ'Air technology that allows to absorb and neutralize formaldehyde in the air (type IsolGypsum Special Serie R). Thickness 22,5 mm.

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