IsolGypsum Gomma XL

IsolGypsum Gomma XL

IsolGypsum Gomma XL

IsolGypsum Gomma XL

Product made of a coated plasterboard (12.5 mm thick) joined to a grooved rubber layer with 14 kg/m2) surface density and 20 mm thickness. Total thickness 32.5 mm.


Isolmant IsolGypsum Gomma XL is a specific product for the acoustic renovation of vertical partitions, particularly in applications where a mass contribution is required to increase the soundproofing power of the partition.
The structure of the highly elastodynamic rubber and its original grooved finish increase both the acoustic performance of the product, giving it high performance over time, and its adhesion to the wall, giving the adhesive greater grip.

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• It can be used both in renovation and in new buildings;
• High airborne acoustic insulation;
• Unalterable over time;
• Unlimited duration;
• Contact with water does not compromise performance or characte ristics;
• Resistant to mould or insects;
• Easy to install using cement-based glue.

Item specifications

Insulation layer consisting of a palster of coated gypsum bonded to a layer of rubber (surface mass 14 kg/m2 in 20 mm thickness) (type IsolGypsum Gomma XL). Weight approx. 24 kg/m2. Nominal thickness 32.5 mm.

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