Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV

Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV

Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV

Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV

High performance resilient Isolmant Special polyethylene layer joined on the upper side to a radiant tear-proof and aluminate film and on the lowerside to FIBTEC XF3 (special needle-worked fibre produced according to specifications designed to provide a better noise reduction). It provides excellent impact sound and airborne insulation for horizontal partitions.

Thickness 10 mm.


Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV is specific for floating screeds as provided by UNI 11516:2013 standards with any type of slab.


When installed under the radiant system panel, it requires a radiant flooring finishing with 5 cm average thickness.

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• Excellent acoustic impact sound and airborne insulation.

• Best acoustic impact sound and airborne insulation.
• Suitable for use in both renovation and new con struction.
• Presence of a reflective film with a radiant function, anti-maple and vapor barrier.
• Specific in the presence of underfloor heating/cooling systems.
• Low thermal conductivity.
• Inalterable over time.
• Unlimited durability.
• Contact with water does not compromise performance or characteristics.
• Resistant to mould or insects.
• Easy to lay products.
• Product with overlaps.
• Easy to trim: can be easily cut with a utility knife or box cutter.
• Unalterable to the alkali of the screed.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Manufactured with low environmental impact.
• Contributes to achieve credits for the environmental certification of a building according to LEED or BREEAM standards.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n.170604.
• Complies with the requirements defined by the Italian CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the request for high acoustic insulation perfor mance, the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item Specifications

Resilient layer is made of reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene, with on the upper side to a radiant tear-proof and aluminate film while on the under sidewith a special needle-worked fibre that is conceived to enhance the acoustic performance (Isolmant UnderSpecial Radiante BV). Nominal thickness 10 mm. Dynamic stiffness s't =8 MN/m3, s'= 20 MN/m3 (certified values). Impact sound insulation .Lw = 36 dB, water vapour resistance sd >100m. To be positioned with the reflected film side facing up. Product with overlaps.

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Installation information

1/2 - Installation of Isolmant Radiante

Isolmant Radiante is specifically designed to be installed under the panels for hot/cold water underfloor heating and on top of a systems levelling screed.


These sheets must be accurately joined by using their overlapping fabric and sealed with Isolmant Nastro Alluminio. It is also necessary to be careful to start flush with the wall with the polyethylene, avoiding leaving visible strips of fibre near the walls: the fibre, in fact, absorbs the cement and stiffens, generating a dangerous and continuous acoustic bridge.

1/2 - Installation of Isolmant Radiante
Product with overlaps for easy installation.

2/2 - Installation of Fascia Perimetrale:

To avoid acoustic bridges, the use of Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Tecnica Radiante is recommended. This product should be installed along the entire perimeter of the room without interruption. In particular, in systems with underfloor heating or cooling, the use of Isolmant Fascia Perimetrale Radiante is recommended, which will be fixed to the wall using a medium-strength tape by making this tape adhere properly to the insulating underlay (the adhesive side of this strip should be positioned downwards) and by spreading the transparent film so that it is stapled under the first passage of the pipe.


The height of the strip must be such as to ensure that it exceeds the floor level by approximately 2/3 cm. This excess must be trimmed after laying the floor.

2/2 - Installation of Fascia Perimetrale:
The excess of the flanking strip must be trimmed only after the flooring has been laid and grouted.