IsolDrum N

IsolDrum N

IsolDrum N

IsolDrum N

Resilient layer made of second-generation Isolmant Special polyethylene with embossed and screen-printed upper side.
This product is featured by a better and calibrated quality of the polyethylene cellulation. Thanks to its intrinsic quality and physical properties, this product ensures long-term performance. An “entry level” product in the Isolmant range IsolDrum, it improves insulation
performance against impact noise and RWS reverberation noise when used for floating installation of wooden and laminate flooring.


Thickness: 1 mm.



Isolmant IsolDrum N is specifically designed for floating installation of laminate flooring, wooden flooring and other types of hard flooring of suitable thickness.

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• Excellent insulation against impact noise and reverberation noise (RWS).
• Minimum thickness.
• Low thermal resistance.
• High compressive strength (CS).

• Easy, dust-free cutting using a utility knife or box cutter.
• To be laid with the screen-printed side up.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Volatile Organic Compounds free(VOC A+).
• Free of plasticisers, asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens and heavy metals.
• It is solvent-free and contains no other ozone-depleting substances.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.
• It complies with the requirements defined by the CAM Edilizia for acoustic and thermal insulation materials regarding the request for high acoustic insulation performance, the percentage of recycled material and the absence of hazardous substances.

Item Specifications

Resilient layer made of second-generation reticulated expanded closed-cell polyethylene. This product ensures an even performance and  high compressive strength over the time (Isolmant IsolDrum N type). To be installed with the embossed and screen-printed side in visible  position. Density 67 kg/m3. Nominal thickness 1 mm.    

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