Isolmant Cover Plus

Isolmant Cover Plus

Isolmant Cover Plus

Isolmant Cover Plus

Multi-functional, high quality non-woven flooring temporary protecting flooring. It is specially designed for moisture-sensitive flooring such as newly laid floorings, natural stone and wooden floorings. The breathable top layer allows moisture to escape through the surface at up to 70 g per square metre every 24 hours. Isolmant CoverPlus has a blue liquid resistant top layer and a white self-adhesive bottom layer.


Isolmant Cover Plus is particularly suitable for water vapour sensitive flooring such as stone or wooden floorings, or other recently  installed ones since they are impermeable to liquids but permeable to vapour migration. It is re-usable.

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• Anti-split.
• Waterproof, oil impermeable.
• Transpiring.
• Re usable.
• Easy and dust-free cutting using a utility knife or box cutter.
• Anti-slip layer that facilitates overlapping and sealing of sheets.
• No need to tape overlaps.
• When used on a ladder, it does not slip even if not taped.
• To be laid with the transparent PE film facing upwards.

Isolmant GreenPlanet

• Free of plasticisers, asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens and heavy metals.
• It is solvent-free and contains no other ozone-depleting substances.
• This product can be disposed of according to EWC n. 170604.

Item Specifications

Protecting, anti split multi-purpose cover made of HD non-woven 1602 fabric coated with blue waterproof and breathable film ( Isolmant Cover Plus type).

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