Happy Birthday Isolmant

Isolmant celebrates forty years of activity in the name of the tradition and the innovation. From the definition of the acoustic insulation fundamentals to the discovery of the most important international markets, with a original mix of know how, technological instinct and ability.


Since 1976, Tecnasfalti has successfully operated in the construction sector. To date, with the brand Isolmant Tecnasfalti provides a complete range of products for the acoustic and thermal insulation of horizontal and vertical partitions.

Rooms Acoustic Insulation

Acoustics largely contributes to room comfort, thus Tecnasfalti’s technical department has studied the reverberation developing a specific range of products to correct the acoustic performance of many types of locations (public, private, working spaces, etc.)


Thanks to its expertise on sound insulation, it is able to develop customised solutions with technologically advanced products ensuring excellent performances even under the most difficult conditions.