Small building elements

Isolmant Tubo

Patented acoustic silencer for air vents made of porous expanded polypropylene (P-EPP) and characterised by high airborne sound insulation and low thermal conductivity. Its cylindrical shape allows
a simple and quick installation. P-EPP sound absorbing proprieties ensure high performances without fibrous and spongy materials that will inevitably deteriorate and then affect the quality of the air.
This element can ensure a net free area of 100 cm2 thanks to the pitch of its inside helical geometry. Length 32 cm, diameter 19.4 cm. Isolmant Tubo is symmetric, therefore it can be installed in
both directions. Grilles not included.

Application areas

This product is compliant with ventilation requirements and it increases the airborne sound insulation of the façade. It is light and it can be easily handled and installed (approx. 165 g). It reduces the thermal bridge and the consequent spots on building envelope.

Technical features

Isolmant Tubo


Isolmant Tubo

Acoustic performance of small elements

Dn,e,w: 40 dB



Packaging Quantity


Unity of measurement for packaging quantity


Length (m)


Diameter (cm)




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Acoustic Comfort and energetic efficiency for the "Piranesi 44" project in Milan In the "Piranesi 44" projet we have a perfect mix of performances acoustics and thermic, thanks to the contribution of the Isolmant solution.