Lining Insulation

IsolGypsum Special

Product made of a coated plasterboard (12.5 mm thick) joined to a 5 or 10 mm thick Isolmant Special. For acoustic and thermal renovating of walls. 

To install with the Isolmant Special layer over the existing wall.

Application areas

IsolGypsum Special is recommended for thermal and acoustic retrofit of vertical partitions through wall lining system. This product can be installed by means of glue with the polyethylene layer fastened on the partition. Specifically, Isolgypsum Special, besides contributing to the rehabilitation of cold and damp walls, also contributes considerably to the improvement of the soundproofing power of the partition on which it is applied. The WP plasterboard version is specific to partitions with a high level of humidity as bathrooms or kitchens.

Technical features



Installation video


The insulation of the roof you do not expect! Inside a warehouse converted to residential use, Isolmant has designed a sound and heat insulation of the roof very unusual, but effective!