Lining Insulation

IsolGypsum TeloGomma

Product made of a plasterboard panel (thickness 12.5 mm) joined to an Isolmant Telogomma with a surface density of 4 kg/m2.

Application areas

IsolGypsum TeloGomma is recommended for the acoustic retrofit of vertical partitions through wall lining system. This product is recommended in applications where additional mass is required. IsolGypsum TeloGomma could be installed as first or second layer in double layer cladding drywall or false wall in order to enhance the airborne insulation, thanks to its high-level surface mass. 
IsolGypsum Telogomma can be directly applied to the existing wall or be screwed on the metal frame as a single or as a second slab in counter-walls or coated plaster countertops.

Technical features



Installation video