Sentirsi a casa e vivere in un ambiente confortevole è un diritto di tutti, anche di chi per lavoro è costretto a stare per lunghi periodi lontano da casa: grazie alle soluzioni per l’isolamento acustico firmate Isolmant, gli ospiti di un nuovo complesso di residenze di Opera (MI) potranno godersi momenti di relax come se fossero nella propria abitazione. Attimi di benessere quotidiano garantiti dall’applicazione delle soluzioni Isolmant, scelte dai progettisti per le loro caratteristiche tecniche e ottime prestazioni: si ... read

Il Ristorante Rainbow Sushi di San Marino ha scelto, per il lavoro di correzione acustica dei suoi locali, i nostri panelli decorativi fonoassorbenti isolspace Style Black & White . La progettazione, svolta da uno studio di architettura, è un esempio di come sia possibile giocare con forme e dimensioni garantendo la migliore resa a livello di fonoassorbimento senza alterare lo stile del locale, ma anzi aumentandone unicità e design. Grazie ai pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti isolspace Style e alla loro alta ... read

Lo storico albergo cinque stelle della capitale è stato ridisegnato in chiave luxury per offrire un’esperienza ancora più unica agli ospiti che vi soggiorneranno. Per ottenere il massimo comfort e trasmettere benessere agli ospiti i progettisti hanno individuato in IsolTile la soluzione ottimale da applicare sotto la pavimentazione in parquet. In particolare, sono stati posati 3mila mq del manto desolidarizzante e armante ideato da Isolmant per garantire un adeguato comfort acustico in soli due 2 millimetri di spessore. Applicato con ... read

Un ufficio open space in cui lavorare senza essere disturbati dall’eccessivo rumore, immersi in un ambiente dall’elevato comfort acustico: gli architetti del team project and development services di Cushman & Wakefield, hanno completato con successo un importante intervento di fit out del nuovo ufficio di 800 mq del gruppo Lloyd's Register a Milano scegliendo i nostri pannelli fonoassorbenti isolspace Style. Grazie all’elevata versatilità e all’alto tasso di personalizzazione dei pannelli si è potuta realizzare una correzione acustica dell’area open space ... read

The new housing complexes in Aprilia (LT) were designed with high interior comfort, especially regarding the appearance of sound insulation. Isolmant has supplied some of its historical products creating a real "Isolmant acoustic system" for the structure: Insmant UnderSpecial 8 mm was applied to the floor combined with Fascia Tecnica Doppio Spessore to avoid acoustic bridges while Isolmant Perfetto Special 50 mm was applied to the walls, ideal for the isolation of vertical partitions both perimeter and dividing between different ... read

Osteria di Modena specializing in burgers and using local ingredients. With the use of the IsolSpace Style panels the acoustics problem has been solved and, thanks to the versatility of the product completely customizable by the customer, the room can count on a unique style. The composition chosen for the wall panels and the curves of the ceiling panels offer a stylish environment, as well as optimal acoustic comfort.

For the three rooms of the restaurant - pizzeria 357 in Merano, owned by award winning chef Andrea Fenoglio, 29 IsolSpace Style panels in circular format have been applied with a diameter of 45 cm and a thickness of only 4 cm. The completely personalized intervention by the chef, perfectly integrates the panels with the minimal style of the room and allows a real multi-sensory experience that embraces every aspect of comfort.

The "La Locomotiva" nursery school in Parma, as part of a redevelopment project for its structure, intervened on the problem of reverberation with the application of the IsolSpace Style Collection acoustic panels to the wall and ceiling. The intervention has ensured high acoustic comfort for the wellbeing of children and operators, and also the aesthetics have gained thanks to the mix of "Bimbi" and "Pastello" collections, which has made the classrooms and the rooms of the structure more colorful and ... read

For the Tipico in Trento, located in the historical center of the city, the IsolSpace Style panels were chosen for the acoustic correction of the rooms. For a technical question, but also for a precise aesthetic choice, the rectangular-shaped panels of the Style range Black & White have been laid on the ceiling: the result is a work completely in line with the style and decor of the room.

Inside the Volkswagen dealership in Monza (MB) there was the need to replace the flooring in the showroom, but the work had to be carried out in a few days to allow the normal running of the activity. The floor to be replaced - about 600 square meters - was a parquet laid with glue, which would have taken place a ceramic finish. The first type of intervention taken into consideration was the removal of the parquet, which would have ... read

Grand Hotel Salsomaggiore Terme is one of the most important and renowned hotels in the Emilia Romagna for the comfort and wellbeing that it guarantees its guests. And after the renovation works, thanks to Isolmile's IsolTile installed as an acoustic mantle and decoupling under the flooring, also the acoustic comfort is guaranteed, and the sealing of the finish guaranteed.

Isolmant IsolDrum N for Italian research bases In the renovation and modernization works of the Mario Zucchelli Station, on the coast of the Earth Northern Victoria bathed by the Ross Sea in Antarctica, a IsolDrum N is entrusted with the task of ensuring the best underfloor sound insulation. Mission accomplished.

The farm, along the Abruzzi seafront, has installed the IsolSpace Style baffle panels inside its premises. In addition to having solved the problem of acoustics, now you can enjoy a new interior design of the room.

At InPrint, the fair dedicated to industrial printing technologies in Milan, Canon used IsolSpace Style sound-absorbing panels for its stand. In the project, with whom the Japanese multinational wanted to pay homage to Milan, the images of the dome of Via Vittorio Emanuele II were printed on the panels of Style, positioned on the ceiling with adhesive velcro. The excellent aesthetic result gave the stand a touch of originality, helping to create an excellent acoustic environment inside the stand.

The new IsolSpace Industry is studied in composition and format to achieve excellent performance in large environments, such as gyms, which for conformation and intended use are highly reverberant environments. It can be positioned both on baffles and on the wall.

For this elegant farmhouse, the Style panels depicting natural places and subjects were applied to the wall, while the ceiling was shaped in a circular shape. This mix of color and shapes has given a new face to the farm, making it comfortable also from an acoustic point of view.

At Ponte Valleceppi in Perugia, stands the pizzeria restaurant "Filo d'Olio" where you can taste the typical specialties of the Umbrian region. Isolmant intervened to solve the problem of internal acoustics, solved thanks to the IsolSpace Style panels, customizing each panel with different kitchen elements, giving a more personality to the room.

In just three days, thanks to Tecnasfalti-Isolmant technology, some areas of the Municipality of the Emilian city of Cento have eliminated the problem of airborne noise and also of foot traffic. An increasingly common practice in restructuring operations thanks to the multilayer additive systems with low thickness.

In this restaurant in Milan have been used IsolSpace Style panels in black fiber, creating personalized compositions with pictures and dimensions chosen by the customer. The result is an environment with a refined and elegant design, characterized by an high level of acoustic comfort.

Palazzo Lombardia is a unitary complex of buildings, including a 161.3 meter high skyscraper, headquarters of the Regional Council of Lombardy. The various buildings are connected by a square egg-shaped with a plastic cover: this square was named "Piazza Città di Lombardia" and is the largest covered square in Europe. The project involved advanced technological solutions and for the sound insulation of horizontal dividers has been used Isolmant Special 10 mm: another confirmation of the excellence of Isolmant solutions.

The Isozaki Tower, nicknamed the "Straight", is a skyscraper designed by japanese architect Arata Isozaki and italian architect Andrea Maffei, and is located in Milan. With its 207 meters of actual height above street level, the tower is the first building highest in Italy to the roof, while the antenna measuring 247 meters, making it the sixth in the European Community. Isolmant BiPlus, thanks to its characteristics of high acoustic comfort and resistance to foot traffic and laceration, was chosen ... read

The restoration of Palazzo Turati, in Milan, the prestigious historic site of the Chamber of Commerce, was functional to the new use (offices and doors open to the public) and involved various products Isolmant for a complete acoustic intervention, from insulation in cavity wall to underscreed and underlay insulation.

The Tower of Culture of Milan is the new home of the publishing house Tecniche Nuove: a building of 15 floors features an original elliptical plan and a special lighting project. As for the acoustic design, the consolidated Isolmant experience has provided a complete package of products: Isolmant Special 5 mm, Isolmant Piombo and Isolmant Cemento Armato.

For the restructuring of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, near the Rialto Bridge, it has been entrusted to Isolmant the acoustic system and today houses a new luxury center with 65 boutiques of the most prestigious international brands, as well as a cafeteria, an area dedicated to prestigious brands of the national food industry, a conference room and above all, an extraordinary terrace from which it is possible to admire, at 360 degrees, the panorama of the Laguna.

Efficient intervention of acoustic correction in a restaurant, made possible thanks to the installation on the wall of panels Style printed with images provided by the client and on the ceiling of panels with solid color.

Near the historic Royal Villa of Monza it is under construction a prestigious apartment complex that uses Isolmant solutions for the impact sound insulation. Of particular interest is the use of IsolTile, with its product feature to "low thickness" has brilliantly solved a problem project.

A new paving of more than 650 m2, created in only four days, without the need for demolition or complex preparatory works. These exceptional achievements in the redevelopment of the municipal gym of Altedo, thanks to a special technique used and thanks to the use of IsolDrum PU adesivo, the innovative solution Isolmant for laying wooden flooring.

Isolmant solution specially developed for acoustic correction applied in the refectory of the Institute Marcelline Tommaseo in Milan demonstrates how to combine effectively in an environment of high architectural value improved performance and comfort with the respect of the historical and artistic features.

For this restaurant in Verona with elegant design, has been studied a particular layout of the panels Style on the ceiling, playing a geometric pattern that integrates seamlessly with architectural elements in the room: excellent performance both from acoustically and aesthetically point of view.

In this church of Cengio, Isolmant has intervened with the application of ceiling panels IsolSpace Style. The neutral color of the panels fits perfectly with the environment of the church and the intervention has allowed to meet the noise standards relating to public places and at the same time to increase the acoustic comfort of the faithful during religious ceremonies.

Silence is also valuable for those who work with music. They know it well in this recording studio, where they asked for the intervention of Isolmant to remove reverberation in various rooms.

In the two rooms of this restaurant we have been realized two different solutions to best fit the characteristics of each environment: in the first room the panels of Style, customized with the color of the existing walls, were placed in suspension (island) and with Velcro; in the second room white panels were placed in suspension (baffle). For an excellent result of comfort and style!

In the "Piranesi 44" projet we have a perfect mix of performances acoustics and thermic, thanks to the contribution of the Isolmant solution.

In the bank offices in Milan, the need for greater acoustic comfort has combined with improved aesthetics of the rooms. The panels IsolSpace Style, applied to the wall with velcro and ceiling with the baffle suspension system, have reduced considerably the reverb increasing the quality of life in this open space.

New residence in the heart of Milan, the real estate initiative Tiraboschi 3 focuses on livability, functionality, energy efficiency and comfort thanks to the contribution of Isolmant solutions.

Social housing, energy saving, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency thanks to the solutions of the range of GreenPlanet Tecnasfalti-Isolmant.

Acoustic renovation of an existing floor in a commercial space inside the airport in Milan: the perfect challenge for Isolmant IsolTile.

One of the most representative buildings of the new skyline of Milan was born also thanks to the products Isolmant.

Green, efficient, comfortable: this is the philosophy of "Bosco Verticale", the two residential towers signed by Boeri Studio and winners of the International Highrise Award (IHA) 2014, which Isolmant has made an important contribution with its solutions for soundproofing insulation.

The presence of a child with hearing problems made it necessary tha acoustic correction of the spaces of this kindergarten to enable a peaceful stay and a development of all the activities like other children. In addition, the bright colors of the panels applied to walls and ceilings have cheered and decorated the rooms.

In the heart of Milan, around the medieval Tower Gorani and near the Roman ruins, it stands a new residential space with the ambition to combine the charm of the past, present innovation and technology of the future.

The pleasure of eating in a nice and quiet place. There's nothing more annoying than a noisy restaurant! Thanks to the panels IsolSpace Style, this typical Sardinian restaurant has renovated its rooms making them quieter and comfortable and maintaining the traditional image of the restaurant.

In school, the canteens are among the noisiest and chaotic existing rooms. In this canteen we were applied to wall panels IsolSpace Style customized with pictures of food, making the environment more pleasant and livable for both students and staff education.

While not involved in learning, a school canteen with adequate acoustic comfort is critical to ensure moments of break to be enjoyed in peace and quiet. Particularly in cases of large rooms open space like this school in Maranello, where it was essential an intervention of acoustic correction.

Correcting the reverberation of a gym is an easy job for IsolSpace Style. In this school, executives have chosen a particular customization, simulating the sky with clouds on the ceiling and a seascape on the wall. An intervention that not only reached its functional purpose but which also has greatly improved the aesthetics of the environment.

Inside a warehouse converted to residential use, Isolmant has designed a sound and heat insulation of the roof very unusual, but effective!

Isolmant Silence in Expo 2015: the best acoustic solutions for the most important event in Italy.

The Military Academy of Modena has asked Isolmant an intervention of acoustic correction for the conference room. The panels IsolSpace Style, customized with images chosen specifically to enhance the aesthetics of the walls while maintaining the highly institutional environment, have significantly reduced the reverberation.