Sound Absorber Installation


Velcro to fix IsolSpace Style panels to ceilings or walls.

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Restaurant Miyama - Milan In this restaurant in Milan have been used IsolSpace Style panels in black fiber, creating personalized compositions with pictures and dimensions chosen by the customer. The result is an environment ... read

Restaurant Il Basilico - Carpiano In the two rooms of this restaurant we have been realized two different solutions to best fit the characteristics of each environment: in the first room the panels of Style, ... read

Bank offices IPIBI - Milan In the bank offices in Milan, the need for greater acoustic comfort has combined with improved aesthetics of the rooms. The panels IsolSpace Style, applied to the wall with velcro ... read

School canteen Rodari - Maranello In school, the canteens are among the noisiest and chaotic existing rooms. In this canteen we were applied to wall panels IsolSpace Style customized with pictures of food, making the ... read

School canteen Stradi - Maranello While not involved in learning, a school canteen with adequate acoustic comfort is critical to ensure moments of break to be enjoyed in peace and quiet. Particularly in cases of ... read

Military Academy - Modena The Military Academy of Modena has asked Isolmant an intervention of acoustic correction for the conference room. The panels IsolSpace Style, customized with images chosen specifically to enhance the aesthetics ... read