Underlay Insulation


IsolTile is a low thickness uncoupling membrane and an undertile resilient layer, designed to the acoustic retrofitting of new or existing floor. This product can be directly laid under ceramic or wooden flooring in a double bonding or semi-floating (AD version) application. Isoltile is resilient underlay designed for reflected walking sound and impact sound reduction on existing flooring or in case of new buildings. IsolTile is made of HD expanded polypropylene, calendered- coated by FIBTEC XP1 (non-woven, embossed, black polypropylene anchoring fleece) on the upper side and the lower side to FIBTEC XP1 (Isoltile standard) or to removable adhesive (Isoltile AD).

Application areas

IsolTile can be installed directly on the existing flooring where acoustic bridges and flanking paths are critical in terms of compliance with the standards in force. It ensures a significant improvement of impact sound insulation with ceramic tiles and wooden flooring as well. It could be also installed on floating screed to enhance acoustic performances. IsolTile uncouples the floor covering from the substrate and neutralizes tensions between the substrate and the tile covering. Furthermore directly transfers the load impact on the tile covering to the substrate avoiding point load concentration and
tile cracking. These product installation does not modify the standard procedure to lay the flooring. Isoltile does not need any special adhesive that could be selected referring to the installation surface and finishing type. For instance, IsolTile could be laid by means of C2 class tiles adhesive or bi-component epoxypolyurethane glues for wooden flooring. This product is also suitable for hot water underfloor heating. Check: Rt (finishing + Isolmant layer) ≤ 0,15 m2K/W in case of wooden flooring.

Technical features

IsolTile - 2 mm



Thickness in mm (approx.)


Impact Sound Insulation (dB)


Drum sound insulation in sone


Compressive Creep

> 50 kPa (0,5 mm di deformazione)

Compressive Strength

cedimento a compressione: deformazione 10% a 151 kPa; deformazione 25% a 180 kPa; deformazione 40% a 222 kPa; deformazione 50% a 274 kPa;

Dynamic Load

> 100000 cicli (a 25 kPa)

Thermal Resistance (m2K/W)


Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)


Water Vapour Resistance (m)



Individual roll

Packaging Quantity


Length (m)


Height (m)


Format Type




Installation video


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